University of Florida & VA Brain Rehabilitation Research Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Anna W. Bacon Mooreneural substrates of memory, attention, and language Bruce Crosson (post-doc)
Eric Dieter BuergerAttention & memory, EEG, Spatial navigation, Hippocampal function20052006 Anne-Marie Slinger (research assistant)
David J. Clarkneuromuscular physiology, human performance2007 Steven A. Kautz (post-doc)
Emily J. Fox Andrea L. Behrman (grad student)
Steven A. KautzBioengineering, Biomechanics, Locomotion
Sangeetha Madhavan20062007 Andrea L. Behrman (post-doc)
Preeti M. Nair20022007 Andrea L. Behrman (grad student)
Bhavana Raja Steven A. Kautz (grad student)