Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Manuela Cerina Institute of Physiology I2012 Philippe Coulon (grad student)
Philippe CoulonThalamocortical System, Ion Channels, Epilepsy, Motor System Institute of Physiology I2013 Hans-Christian Pape (post-doc)
Sebastian GeukesPsychology of Language Pienie Zwitserlood (grad student)
David Herr Institute of Physiology I2011 Philippe Coulon (grad student)
Silke Jörgens
Jurgen Klingauf
Denise Kohmann Institute of Physiology I2014 Philippe Coulon (grad student)
Christina Neyer Institute of Physiology I2016 Philippe Coulon (grad student)
Rajit RajappaGaba receptors, photoswitch, presynapse Institute for Medical Physics & Biophysics20102015 Jurgen Klingauf (grad student)
Hector Romo-ParraNeuromodulation, Cancer, Neuropathology Physiologie I Hans-Christian Pape (post-doc)
Kai Markus SchreiberStereopsis, Eye Movements, Machine Learning, FMRI
Dirk VorbergArtificial Intelligence and Cognitive Simulation, Numerical Cognition, Response time measurement and modelling, Timing and synchronization of rhythmic behavior, Subliminal perception, Psychophysical methods
Hans Hermann J.W. Weber