Duke University School of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gerald A. CampbellBlood-brain barrier, Cerebral small vessel disease19811985 Peter C. Burger (post-doc), F. Stephen Vogel (post-doc), Doyle G. Graham (post-doc)
Charleen T. ChuNeuropathology, Parkinson's disease, mitochondria, autophagy Salvatore V. Pizzo (grad student)
Robbert Hendry Lawrence Reagan (grad student)
Sven-Eric JordtTRP channels, pain, itch, chemical sensing, sensory neurons, asthma, tobacco, vaping, toxicology Anesthesiology2017 Niccolo Terrando (collaborator)
Jeffrey M. Greeson
Martin J. McKeownneurology, Parkinson's Disease, computational neuroscience, neuroimaging
Ana I. Caceres Anesthesiology2007 Sven-Eric Jordt (research scientist)
Sairam V Jabba Anesthesiology2015 Sven-Eric Jordt (research scientist)
Satyanarayana Achanta Anesthesiology20122018 Sven-Eric Jordt (research scientist)
Niccolo Terrando
Catherine W Tallman BIAC20162018 Allen W. Song (research assistant)
Daniel G. Blazer Department of Psychiatry Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development19731975 Ewald W. Busse (post-doc), George Maddox (research assistant)
Leon A. Hyer Department of Psychiatry19791982 Daniel G. Blazer (post-doc)
Melanie Maya KaelbererOlfaction, pain Gastroenterology20102016 Sven-Eric Jordt (grad student)
Stephen G. LisbergerOculomotor System
David J. HerzfeldMotor control, Motor Learning
Shih-Hsiu Wang Neurology Alex Kolodkin (grad student)
Jeffrey W. Cooney
Audrey S. Dickeyprotein phosphatases, mitochondria, Omics, transcriptome, transcription, autophagy, inflammation, preclinical trial, iPSCs
Veronica J. Kim