EPFL-Brain Mind Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Tania Rinaldi BarkatAuditory system20022007 Henry Markram (grad student)
Thomas K. Berger Henry Markram (grad student)
Corrado Cali'Cellular Biology and Morphology20062006 Michele Giugliano (research assistant)
Jay S. CogganBiophysics, axons, synapses, metabolism Pierre J. Magistretti (research scientist)
Jonathan Jay Coueycortex and nicotine2005 Henry Markram (grad student)
Michele Giuglianoneocortex20052008 Henry Markram (post-doc), Thomas Berger (collaborator), Stefano Fusi (post-doc)
Suraj Honnuraiahneuroscience, dendritic physiology, neural computation Brain Mind Institute20212022 Carl C. H. Petersen (post-doc)
Nikhil J. JoshiNeuroscience2013 Henry Markram (post-doc)
Henry Markramneocortex
Brandi J. MattsonAddiction, reward, decision-making, microcircuits20052006 Henry Markram (post-doc)