Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Stefan Strahlauditory system, neural coding, cochlear implants, objective measures, signal processing, signal coding20072007 David McAlpine (post-doc)
Mathias DietzAuditory system, binaural hearing20112012 David McAlpine (post-doc)
Stefano Cosentinocochlear implant, speech processing, speech enhancement, binaural hearing, meniere20102013 David McAlpine (grad student)
Olena Riabininainsect neurophysiology and neuroethology, olfaction, hearing, vision, navigation20092012 Joerg T. Albert (post-doc)
Roland SchaetteAuditory system, computational neuroscience, tinnitus2008 David McAlpine (collaborator)
Ross S. WilliamsonAuditory systems neuroscience20072012 Jennifer F. Linden (grad student)
Lara Li Hesse20112013 Roland Schaette (grad student)
Warren M H Bakay20112017 Roland Schaette (grad student)
Lucy A. Anderson2016 Roland Schaette (research scientist)
Jose Garcia-LazaroSensory Neuroscience2014 Roland Schaette (research scientist)
Paromita MajumderAptamer, Inner ear Jonathan Gale (post-doc)
Alexander J. BilligAuditory scene analysis, auditory memory, speech and music perception2017 Maria Chait (post-doc)