Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Paromita MajumderAptamer, Inner ear Jonathan Gale (post-doc)
Roland SchaetteAuditory system, computational neuroscience, tinnitus2008 David McAlpine (collaborator)
Ross S. WilliamsonAuditory systems neuroscience20072012 Jennifer F. Linden (grad student)
Stefan Strahlauditory system, neural coding, cochlear implants, objective measures, signal processing, signal coding20072007 David McAlpine (post-doc)
Olena Riabininainsect neurophysiology and neuroethology, olfaction, hearing, vision, navigation20092012 Joerg T. Albert (post-doc)
Stefano Cosentinocochlear implant, speech processing, speech enhancement, binaural hearing, meniere20102013 David McAlpine (grad student)
Lara Li Hesse20112013 Roland Schaette (grad student)
Warren M H Bakay20112017 Roland Schaette (grad student)
Mathias DietzAuditory system, binaural hearing20112012 David McAlpine (post-doc)
Jose Garcia-LazaroSensory Neuroscience2014 Roland Schaette (research scientist)
Lucy A. Anderson2016 Roland Schaette (research scientist)
Alexander J. BilligAuditory scene analysis, auditory memory, speech and music perception2017 Maria Chait (post-doc)