Portland State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Maria J. Alvarado ChavarriaSocial Psychology Psychology2012 Janice Haaken (grad student)
Christine M. AmoEarly Childhood Education, Administration Education, Finance Education2001 Robert B. Everhart (grad student)
Joel ArickEarly Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology
Talya N. BauerMarketing Business Administration, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Ethan M Bell
Gila G. Ben-RechavMarketing Business Administration, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2000 Talya N. Bauer (grad student)
Geoffrey L. BorthwickCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology Systems Science2010 Thomas Kindermann (grad student)
Erin Brandt Department of Biology Susan Masta (grad student)
Gabriela BurlacuOrganizational, Industrial Psychology, Management Business Administration Psychology2013 Keith James (grad student)
David M. CadizGeneral Psychology, Organizational Psychology2010 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
David CapuzziEducational Psychology Education, Gerontology, Social Sciences Education
Shannon M. CareyCognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Care Management, Public Health2000 Gerald D. Guthrie (grad student)
Nancy ChapmanUrban and Regional Planning, Social Psychology, Transportation
Una J. ChiHigher Education, Developmental Psychology, Evaluation Education Psychology2014 Ellen Skinner (grad student)
Toni N. DancuDevelopmental Psychology, Evaluation Education, Educational Psychology Education Systems Science2010 Dalton Miller-Jones (grad student)
Damon T. DrownGeneral Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2013 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Jacob EisenbergSocial Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Creativity, Cross cultural psychology, cross cultural management19962001 Keith James (grad student)
Lorraine M. EscribanoDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education Psychology2010 Ellen Skinner (grad student)
Robert B. EverhartDevelopmental Psychology, Technology of Education
Deborah K. FordIndustrial Psychology, Organizational, Personality Psychology Psychology2011 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Carrie J. FurrerDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2005 Ellen Skinner (grad student)
Holly E. FussellClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2006 Janice Haaken (grad student)
Johanna GlodeIndustrial Psychology2002 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Christopher S. GorsekUrban and Regional Planning, Geography, Social Psychology2004 Nancy Chapman (grad student)
Gerald D. GuthrieCognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Care Management, Public Health
Janice HaakenSocial Psychology
Bassam G HaddadStructural Biology, Molecular Dynamics, Ion Channels Chemistry20162021 Steve L. Reichow (grad student)
Hilla Haskowitz
Thu G. HoangIndustrial Psychology, Organizational Psychology2012 Keith James (grad student)
John M. HunthausenIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2000 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Cynthia Jaeger-SashEarly Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology2005 Joel Arick (grad student)
Keith JamesIndustrial Psychology, Organizational
Jeff S. JohnsonSocial Sciences Education, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology2003 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Tom KellerSocial Work, Developmental Psychology
Thomas KindermannCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Brianne H. KothariSocial Work, Developmental Psychology Social Work2011 Tom Keller (grad student)
Daniel C. KuangIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Personality Psychology2004 Lynne Steinberg (grad student)
Peter J. LammersAM Fungal Research Site, Bioinformatics Research Page1982 Joann Sanders-Loehr (grad student)
Kyle G. MackGeneral Psychology, Industrial Psychology Psychology2012 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Tyrae L. MahanSocial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Gerontology2005 Nancy Chapman (grad student)
Gabi MartorellDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Mika MaruyamaDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Elementary Education Psychology2010 Dalton Miller-Jones (grad student)
Elizabeth A. McCuneGeneral Psychology, Personality Psychology, Organizational Psychology2010 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Dalton Miller-JonesDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Elementary Education
Heather I. MosherSocial Psychology, Theory and Methods Systems Science2010 Ellen Skinner (grad student)
Shannon MyrickDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2010 Gabi Martorell (grad student)
David E. OstbergIndustrial Psychology, System Science Engineering2005 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Hollie L. PersonUrban and Regional Planning, Social Psychology, Transportation2001 Nancy Chapman (grad student)
Diana RempeSocial Psychology, Women's Studies, Clinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology Psychology2014 Janice Haaken (grad student)
Jennifer R. RineerIndustrial Psychology, Occupational Health and Safety, Aging Psychology2015 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Nicole A. SageSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education Systems Science2009 Cathleen Smith (grad student)
Rudolph J. SanchezIndustrial Psychology2002 Talya N. Bauer (grad student)
Rainer SeitzIndustrial Psychology2006 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Suzanne R. SimonEducational Psychology Education, Gerontology, Social Sciences Education2006 David Capuzzi (grad student)
Ellen SkinnerDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Cathleen SmithDevelopmental Psychology
Tatiana SnyderEducational Psychology Education, System Science Engineering Systems Science2011 Ellen Skinner (grad student)
Erin Spottswood Communication Jeffrey T. Hancock (grad student)
Lynne SteinbergIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Personality Psychology
Gayle Y. ThiemanAdministration Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2000 Robert B. Everhart (grad student)
Donald M. TruxilloGeneral Psychology, Organizational
Elizabeth A. ValeDevelopmental Psychology2006 Cathleen Smith (grad student)
Anthony D. ValleyAdministration Education2003 Robert B. Everhart (grad student)
Jennifer Wallin-RuschmanDevelopmental Psychology, Higher Education, Theory and Methods Psychology2014 Janice Haaken (grad student)
Charles V. Wright
Clayton A. YonceIndustrial Psychology, Organizational, Web Studies Psychology2011 Donald M. Truxillo (grad student)
Helen E. YoungSpecial Education, Behavioral Psychology, Early Childhood Education2006 Joel Arick (grad student)