Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ping Huang Candece Gladson (post-doc)
Eunnyung Bae Candece Gladson (post-doc)
Monica Burgett Candece Gladson (grad student)
Gaelle Muller-Greven Candece Gladson (grad student)
Weiming YanExperimental Eye Research2018 Minzhong Yu (grad student)
Ela B. Plow
Candece GladsonTNF-R1, FIP200, malignant gliomas
Kai Kang, PhD Ophthalmic Research20142015 Minzhong Yu (post-doc)
Maojing YangExperimental Eye Research Ophthalmic Research2017 Minzhong Yu (research assistant)
Matthew J TarchickExperimental Eye Research Ophthalmic Research20142015 Minzhong Yu (research assistant)
Minzhong YuExperimental and clinical electrophysiology of vision, retinal neurobiology