Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ping Huang Candece Gladson (post-doc)
Eunnyung Bae Candece Gladson (post-doc)
Monica Burgett Candece Gladson (grad student)
Gaelle Muller-Greven Candece Gladson (grad student)
Candece GladsonTNF-R1, FIP200, malignant gliomas
Weiming YanExperimental Eye Research2018 Minzhong Yu (grad student)
Maojing YangExperimental Eye Research Ophthalmic Research2017 Minzhong Yu (research assistant)
Minzhong YuExperimental and clinical electrophysiology of vision, retinal neurobiology
Ela B. Plow
Kai Kang, PhD Ophthalmic Research20142015 Minzhong Yu (post-doc)
Matthew J TarchickExperimental Eye Research Ophthalmic Research20142015 Minzhong Yu (research assistant)