Gladstone Institute/UCSF

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Irene H. ChengAlzheimer's disease20022007 Lennart Mucke (post-doc)
Jeannie Chin Lennart Mucke (post-doc)
Edward FonParkinson's Robert H. Edwards (post-doc)
Li GanCellular and Molecular Pathways in Neurodegeneration
Julie A. Harriscell death, neuro protection Lennart Mucke (post-doc)
Lennart MuckeNeurobiology of Diseases Affecting Cognitive Functions
Erik RobersonNeurodegenerative Disease20032006 Lennart Mucke (research scientist)
Kimberly A. Scearce-Leviebehavioral neuroscience, neurodegeneration20022007 Lennart Mucke (post-doc)