University of Potsdam

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Bernhard M. AngeleEye movements in reading20052008 Reinhold Kliegl (research assistant)
Michael Dambachervisual language processing, event-related potentials, eye movements, cognitive modeling Reinhold Kliegl (grad student)
Ralf EngbertDynamical systems approach to cognition, eye movements, biological and mathematical psychology19941998 Reinhold Kliegl (grad student)
Annette KinderLearning, memory20062008 Martin Rolfs (collaborator)
Reinhold KlieglCognitive Psychology (eye movements; microsaccades; attention; working memory; reading; data analysis and modeling; cognitive aging)
Elke Lange
Martin Rolfseye movements, perception, attention, active vision, vision research, vision20032007 Reinhold Kliegl (grad student), Ralf Engbert (research assistant)
James Douglas SaddyLinguistics, Neurodynamics