City University of Hong Kong

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Rosa H. M. ChanNeural computation, modeling
Minseok LeeNeuroscience Department of Biomedical Sciences2018 Sungchil Yang (research assistant)
Yang Lu
Sojeong PAKNeurosciences Department of Biomedical Sciences2017 Sungchil Yang (grad student)
Jan SchnuppAuditory System
Qi SheNeural Computation, Machine learning Electronic Engineering20142018 Rosa H. M. Chan (grad student)
Qi SheNeural Computation, and Statistical Machine Learning
Yuan Shensemantics Department of Chinese and Translation Xu Liejiong (grad student)
Sungchil YangNeuroscience
Hongti ZhangNano Mechanics Department of Mechanical Engineering20132016 Yang Lu (grad student)
Zicong ZhangNeural Regeneration Biomedical Sciences20142015 Jufang He (post-doc)