Rotman Research Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Janine Hay Brian Levine (post-doc)
Robert WestTemporal Dynamics of Attention and Memory Fergus I.M. Craik (post-doc)
Hedvig SöderlundMemory, hippocampus Brian Levine (post-doc)
Anjali C. RajaRecovery of Language and Attention after Brain Injury, Neural Network Analysis A. R. McIntosh (grad student)
Sandra Moses Jennifer D. Ryan (post-doc)
Daniela J. PalomboMemory, Cognition, fMRI2006 Brian Levine (grad student)
Esther Fujiwaraemotion, memory, personality, repressive coping, emotion regulation Brian Levine (post-doc)
Patrick DavidsonParkinson's disease, memory, executive functions Morris Moscovitch (post-doc)
Agatha Lenartowiczsystem-interactions in attention-control A. R. McIntosh (research assistant)
M. Natasha RajahAging, PFC, Memory, Functional Connectivity19961997 Cheryl L. Grady (research assistant)
Kelly Shen2011 A. R. McIntosh (post-doc), Jennifer D. Ryan (post-doc)
Antoine (Tony) J. Shahinsensory processing, development, plasticity Claude Alain (post-doc)
Antonino VallesiExecutive Functions, Attention, Time Processing, Normal Aging20072009 Donald Stuss (post-doc), A. R. McIntosh (post-doc)
Peggy L. St. JacquesCognitive Neuroscience Brian Levine (research assistant)
Andreea O. Diaconescumultisensory integration, reward learning, decision-making20052011 A. R. McIntosh (grad student)
Rosanna K. OlsenMemory, fMRI Jennifer D. Ryan (post-doc)
Joel S. Snyderauditory perception, cognitive neuroscience20032005 Terence Picton (grad student), Claude Alain (post-doc)
Amanda LashCognitive aging2014 Nicole D. Anderson (post-doc)
Peter Sörösneuroscience, neurology, structural MRI, functional MRI, DTI, pain, aging, stroke, neurodegeneration, speech & language20022004 Donald Stuss (post-doc), Christo Pantev (post-doc)
Kimberly S. Chiewcognitive neuroscience20052007 Cheryl L. Grady (research assistant)
Gavin M. BidelmanAuditory system, evoked potentials, neural plasticity20112012 Claude Alain (post-doc)
Valorie N. SalimpoorMusic and the Brain Robert Zatorre (grad student)
R. Nathan SprengCognitive Neuroscience20082008 Brian Levine (grad student), Cheryl L. Grady (post-doc)
Darlene Flodenexecutive function, functional neurosurgery Donald Stuss (grad student)
A. R. McIntosh20032005 Donna Rose Addis (collaborator), Francisco Aboitiz (grad student)
Brian Levinememory, frontal lobes, traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation, neuropsychology, brain imaging Donald Stuss (post-doc), Endel Tulving (collaborator)
Donald StussFrontal lobes Frank Benson (post-doc), Michael (Mick) Alexander (collaborator)
Karl K. SzpunarMemory20092010 Endel Tulving (post-doc)
Christina Gojmerac Donald Stuss (grad student)
Eva SvobodaNeuropsychology, memory Brian Levine (grad student)
Valeria Della MaggioreMotor system, Action observation A. R. McIntosh (grad student)
Gary TurnerRehabiltiation, neuroimaging Brian Levine (grad student)
W. Dale StevensMemory, Cognition, Perception, Neurocognitive Aging20002005 Cheryl L. Grady (grad student)
Margaret C. McKinnonMood Disorders, PTSD, autobiographical memory, social cognition Brian Levine (post-doc)
Asaf GilboaMemory disorders, hippocampus, confabulation Claude Alain (post-doc), Donald Stuss (post-doc)
Lauren DadePsychology Brian Levine (post-doc)
Nigel GopieMemory, Attention2008 Fergus I.M. Craik (post-doc)
Leon Frenchneuroinformatics, genomics, bioinformatics, neuroanatomy20132016 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Jean Shin2016 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Steven J. Aikenauditory steady-state responses20042008 Terence Picton (grad student)
Melissa M. PangelinanDevelopmental Motor Control, Motor Development, Movement Disorders20122015 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Marzia Pesaresi20112014 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Erin Dickie20102014 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Amir Tahmasebi20102011 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Rachel Rabi Nicole D. Anderson (post-doc)
Leisel-Ann Meusel Nicole D. Anderson (post-doc)
Katherine M. KrpanTraumatic Brain Injury, Frontal Lobes20022009 Donald Stuss (grad student)
Jenny R. Rieckcognitive neuroscience of aging2016 Cheryl L. Grady (post-doc)
Claude Alain
Fergus I.M. Craik
Hao Luoauditory research
Jennifer D. Ryanmemory, eye-movements, MEG, amnesia
Norman AS FarbCognitive Neuroscience of Emotion
Nicole D. AndersonMemory, aging
Mallar Chakravartyneuroimaging, schizophrenia, alzheimer's disease, image processing20102011 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Jason D. OzubkoMemory