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Prasad Balachandran (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan Human Olfaction prasad.1107032 2017‑09‑27
Chi-Keung Chan (Info) Inst. Physics, Academia Sinica herf39 2009‑10‑25
Wen-Hsuan Chan (Info) UCSD Hemispheric asymmetry, Word recognition, Perceptual learning, Information distribution wenshuin 2011‑03‑04
Cin-He Chang (Info) Inst. Cellular Neurosci., University of Bonn Glial physiology herf39 2009‑10‑25
Bi-Chang Chen (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan naiviv5120 2019‑05‑02
Chin-Yi Chen (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan Synaptic plasticity naiviv5120 2019‑05‑02
Jun-An Chen (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan Motor neuron Junanchen 2017‑03‑26
Pei-lin Cheng (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan neuron polarization Purine 2012‑04‑20
Yuan-Ren Cheng (Info) IBMS, academia sinica taiwan mechanical sensation infinities 2010‑03‑24
Yi-Chuang Chern (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan chihtienwang 2015‑11‑04
Cheng-Ting Chien (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan neural development ctchien 2013‑05‑16
Yu-Chin Chiu (Info) Johns Hopkins, Duke Visual attention, Cognitive neurosience yuchin 2007‑12‑09
Tania Devina (Info) National Yang Ming University - Academia Sinica Neuroscience, iPSC, genomic taniadevina 2015‑10‑30
Piotr Drączkowski (Info) Medical University of Lublin babciafranka 2019‑11‑20
Jack L. Feldman (Info) UCLA respiration felixs 2006‑08‑28
Chun-Hsien Hsu (Info) Institute of Linguistics at Academia Sinica neurolinguistics deltaphase 2018‑03‑13
Shang-Te Danny Hsu (Info) Academia Sinica babciafranka 2019‑11‑20
Che-Ming J. Hu (Info) UCSD Circuitry in Sensory Systems pq 2015‑11‑25
Lin-han Huang (Info) National Taiwan University Functional connectivity, Cultural Neuroscience hannah32 2022‑01‑05
Yuh Nung Jan (Info) UCSF Dendrite development, Potassium channel hayden 2005‑02‑05
Chia-lin Lee (Info) UIUC Cognitive psychology, neurolinguistics clee26 2007‑06‑20
Chia-Ying Lee (Info) Institute of Linguistics at Academia Sinica the language processing in Chinese, the computation between Chinese orthography and phonology, and the related issues on fMRI and ERPs studies. clee26 2007‑06‑20
Eminy HY Lee (Info) Academia Sinica Learning and memory mtsai 2007‑10‑08
Cheng-Chang Lien (Info) National Yang-Ming University Hippocampus, GABAergic interneurons cclien 2010‑02‑12
Chia-Ching J. Lin (Info) Academia Sinica Sensory, NK1 receptor orcalin 2010‑03‑24
Suewei Lin (Info) Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica Motivational systems, Learning and memory, thirst, hunger, Drosophila, Neurobiology suewei 2016‑06‑29
Ya-Chi Liu (Info) Academia Sinica MinHuaKao 2014‑11‑04
Yang Ming (Info) Tzu-Chi University, Academia Sinica miRNA and Neurodegenerative Disease; Learning and Memory MingYang 2015‑10‑10
Mu-Ming Poo (Info) UC Berkeley Development david 2005‑01‑15
Chun-Kuei Su (Info) Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica Sympathetic tone generation chunkuei 2006‑10‑06
Krishna Balasubramanyam Sai Swamy (Info) Academia Sinica Computational Bioilogy, Molecular Evolution, Regulatation, Protein structure analysis kittu24 2011‑05‑10
Chin-Yin Tai (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan naiviv5120 2019‑05‑02
Paul O. P. Ts'o (Info) Academia Sinica, Caltech, Johns Hopkins biophysics shengkaima 2017‑09‑11
Jie-Li Tsai (Info) National ChengChi University wenshuin 2011‑03‑04
Ming-Chi Tsai (Info) UC Berkeley Synaptic transmission, glutamate transporter, GABAa receptor, Optogenetic pharmacology mtsai 2007‑10‑07
PEI-I Tsai (Info) UCSF peiitsai 2017‑02‑27
Chih-Tien Wang (Info) National Taiwan University Exocytosis, Retinal waves chihtienwang 2015‑07‑01
Meng-Hsuan Wen (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan naiviv5120 2019‑05‑02
Yu-Ting Yan (Info) Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica naiviv5120 2019‑05‑02
Jenn-Yah Yu (Info) Yang-Ming University Neural development jyyu 2010‑03‑17
Hanna S. Yuan (Info) Academia Sinica, Taiwan Structural biology of DNA/RNA metabolism mbyuan 2016‑10‑17
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