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Aaron P. Batista (Info) Stanford hanks 2005‑10‑14
Christina M. Cerkevich (Info) University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine anatomy, motor, somatosensory, visual cerkevcm 2007‑06‑21
Amina El Ayadi (Info) UTMB PD, AD, protein trafficking, ubiquitination Amina 2015‑03‑24
Ann N. Hoffman (Info) UCLA conradcd 2011‑05‑29
John P. Horn (Info) University of Pittsburgh Synaptic Integration cafeturco 2010‑06‑02
Brian H. Hu (Info) Johns Hopkins, Allen Institute Visual system, attention, computer vision bhu1357 2013‑05‑31
Anthony Kline (Info) University of Pittsburgh callietyner 2010‑02‑01
Richard Koerber (Info) University of Pittsburgh grlewin 2009‑06‑06
Elizabeth K. Lee (Info) University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine elkest 2013‑05‑01
Soohyun Lee (Info) NIMH, NIH shlee1009 2014‑04‑16
Pat R. Levitt (Info) Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California Molecular and Developmental Basis of Neuropsychiatric Disorders brian 2006‑04‑06
Cheng Ly (Info) VCU Computational, stochastic methods chengly 2010‑04‑06
Brandon C. McKinney (Info) University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine schizophrenia, aging, epigenetic, DNA methylation bcmckinn 2007‑06‑27
Jason W. Middleton (Info) University of Pittsburgh jmidd 2010‑08‑19
Karoly Mirnics (Info) Vanderbilt Genomics of schizophrenia and brain disorders hszatmar 2009‑03‑14
Phyllis C. Pugh (Info) UAB Neurobiology, Behavior, Neuropeptides, Nicotinic receptors drpcp 2014‑01‑14
Etienne Sibille (Info) University of Pittsburgh Genetics of Depression and Aging Angaria 2008‑04‑20
Daniel J. Simons (Info) University of Pittsburgh randybruno 2005‑12‑07
Peter Strick (Info) University of Pittsburgh motor cortex greghorwitz 2005‑09‑23
Robert Sweet (Info) University of Pittsburgh emparker 2016‑06‑26
Michael Zigmond (Info) Pittsburgh Parkinson's disease, neurology Wurtlab 2006‑10‑12
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