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Mark D. Benton (Info) Northwestern Ion channel biophysics mdbenton81 2008‑04‑02
Jill-Desiree Brederson (Info) UMN somatic sensory system, pain pq 2015‑09‑26
Ron S. Broide (Info) AbbVie Sensory and Motor Systems, botulinum toxin rbroide 2008‑07‑24
Kathy Chu (Info) Abbott Labs Neurophysiology docneuro 2008‑07‑25
Sam Ciura (Info) AbbVie Labs docneuro 2021‑09‑21
Amy Gamelli (Info) AbbVie murphyg 2014‑11‑06
Sidney Hsin-Kang Hsieh (Info) Genentech, Inc., AbbVie, Merck & Co. Inc, Merck & CO Axon Guidance, Alzheimer's Disease, Neuroinflammation, Signal Transduction Mountie 2010‑01‑17
Norman Huang (Info) AbbVie CNS, Pain, Infectious Diseases nhuang 2014‑06‑28
Markus P. Kummer (Info) UCSD, University of Munster, University of Bonn, AbbVie Neurodegeneration microsome 2014‑02‑13
Laura Leys (Info) AbbVie Labs docneuro 2016‑04‑06
Stephanie Lippert (Info) AbbVie Labs docneuro 2016‑04‑06
Ji Ma (Info) AbbVie Labs docneuro 2016‑04‑06
Leandra Mangieri (Info) AbbVie tongtree 2023‑09‑10
Steve McGaraughty (Info) AbbVie Labs Pain docneuro 2008‑07‑11
Eric G. Mohler (Info) AbbVie psychopharmacology; biological psychiatry egmohler 2009‑04‑22
Ghazal Naseri Kouzehgarani (Info) AbbVie docneuro 2022‑09‑27
Andrew Mark Swensen (Info) Brandeis david 2015‑07‑07
Qingchun Tong (Info) UTHealth Houston JingCai1997 2023‑02‑08
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