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Andrew James Delaney (Info) University of Queensland amygdala physiology dejaivu 2007‑06‑14
Craig E. Jahr (Info) OHSU glutamate receptors, glutamate transporters, synaptic transmission stephanb 2006‑03‑17
Simon Laughlin (Info) Cambridge Visual system, energy efficiency, neural circuit design, natural image statistics, information theory, noise constraints, optimal coding david 2005‑09‑07
Hans Rudolf Lüscher (Info) University of Bern luscher 2007‑03‑11
Richard Freeman Mark (Info) ANU Neurobiology rraayy 2008‑01‑27
Archibald McIntyre (Info) University of Otago, Dunedin sensory receptors, spinal cord papageno 2006‑06‑21
Randolf Menzel (Info) Freie University Olfaction JLand52 2006‑04‑05
Clarke Raymond (Info) ANU memory rraayy 2008‑01‑29
Stephen J. Redman (Info) ANU spinal cord physiology neuroman 2006‑02‑02
Allan W. Snyder (Info) Applied Mathematics, Australian National University waveguide optics, photoreceptor optics, vision, the mind, savant autism simon laughlin 2006‑07‑05
Christian Stricker (Info) ANU Synaptic transmission in CNS jereveron 2007‑01‑14
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