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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Anne Marie Aimola Davies (Info) Australian National University and University of Oxford visual neglect and anosognosia Anne Aimola 2007‑09‑08
Masao Ito (Info) RIKEN shinji 2005‑11‑01
J W. Pearce (Info) Univ of Alberta Neuroscience jmCav19 2014‑09‑04
Ryuichi Shigemoto (Info) National Institute for Physiological Sciences saviochan 2007‑11‑17
Peter Somogyi (Info) Oxford dnichlsn 2006‑10‑17
Janos Szentagothai (Info) Semmelweis dnichlsn 2006‑10‑17
Rebekah Christine White (Info) Oxford Anne Aimola 2007‑12‑01
David Whitteridge (Info) Oxford Visual Neurophysiology EdHubbard 2006‑01‑10
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