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Karen M. Arnell (Info) Brock University cogniton, attention karnell 2013‑09‑06
Justin Carré (Info) Duke aggression, testosterone mm03 2011‑02‑10
Heather Chalmers (Info) Brock University (Canada) Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology pq 2016‑06‑21
Kimberly A. Cote (Info) Brock University hlockhart 2017‑11‑08
Gillian Dale (Info) Brock University hlockhart 2017‑11‑15
Blaire Dube (Info) University of Guelph Visual system, cognition, working memory, attention bdube 2014‑05‑21
Stephen M. Emrich (Info) Brock University visual cognitive neuroscience semrich 2011‑12‑01
Rainer Friedrich (Info) Friedrich Miescher Institut Olfaction JLand52 2006‑04‑05
Holly Ann Lockhart (Info) Brock University (Canada) Visual Memory, Attention hlockhart 2017‑11‑08
Kari Lustig (Info) Brock University hlockhart 2017‑11‑08
Kevin J. MacDonald (Info) Brock University hlockhart 2017‑11‑08
Mary MacLean (Info) Brock University hlockhart 2017‑11‑15
Iva Z. Mathews (Info) UAB memory, epigenetics mm03 2011‑02‑10
Cheryl M. McCormick (Info) Brock Univ. Behavioral neuroendocrinology mm03 2011‑02‑10
Joffre Mercier (Info) Brock University bstewart 2007‑08‑09
Mark D. Morrissey (Info) MIT Memory systems mm03 2011‑02‑10
Nicole M. Neil (Info) Developmental Disabilities, Applied Behavior Analysis nneil 2015‑05‑26
Kiera Newman (Info) University of Guelph NigelRaine 2019‑06‑24
Robert D. Ogilvie (Info) Cambridge hlockhart 2017‑11‑08
Kiel Ormerod (Info) Brock University jmercier 2018‑07‑17
Linda Rose-Krasnor (Info) Brock University Developmental Psychology krubin 2010‑12‑15
Christine Salahub (Info) Brock University Visual awareness, visual working memory Csalahub 2016‑05‑16
Sidney J. Segalowitz (Info) Brock University developmental neuropsychology, event-related potentials, error-monitoring, EEG SidSegalowitz 2011‑04‑19
Lindsey A. Short (Info) Brock University face perception ls08ts 2008‑11‑23
Kirk Stokes (Info) Brock University hlockhart 2017‑11‑15
Sabrina Thai (Info) Brock University jj2000 2019‑12‑10
Liette Vasseur (Info) Brock University NigelRaine 2019‑06‑24
Tricia Vause (Info) Brock University nneil 2016‑02‑24
Richard J. Welland (Info) Brock University Aging, communication, aphasia, dementias, gesture rjwelland 2011‑05‑05
Teena Willoughby (Info) Brock University (Canada) Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology pq 2016‑06‑20
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