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Michael Elstob (Info) Brunel University intelligent systems, cybernetics, artificial intelligent, strahl 2011‑02‑02
Christine Girges (Info) Brunel University ucjtjmo 2016‑03‑02
Fernand R. Gobet (Info) Brunel University expertise, computational modelling, acquisition of language fernand 2007‑04‑12
Richard Gregory (Info) University of Bristol hayden 2005‑02‑08
Kevin Gurney (Info) University of Sheffield Computational Neuroscience michaelwright 2013‑03‑07
Anna Herzyk (Info) UMCS monixobczak 2012‑08‑24
Alireza Ilbeigi (Info) Brunel University Cognitive Neuropsychology AIlbeigi56 2012‑02‑13
Alan Johnston (Info) UCL Visual Perception 2009‑04‑11
Khashayar Karimi (Info) UCL Cognitive neuroscience, Psychopharmacology KKarimi 2010‑04‑18
Uday Kishore (Info) Brunel University (United Kingdom) GSG2 2017‑08‑03
Louise Lakha (Info) Brunel University michaelwright 2015‑07‑07
Jaye McLaughlin (Info) Brunel University London westdale 2023‑10‑29
Justin O'Brien (Info) Brunel University Visual system ucjtjmo 2007‑04‑04
Andrew Parton (Info) Brunel University DaveRosePsych 2019‑08‑20
Gordon Speedie Pask (Info) Brunel University London, University of Illinois, Chicago, UIUC, Concordia University Montreal Cybernetics DavidSDouglass 2020‑09‑07
Nicholas Pound (Info) Brunel University London westdale 2023‑10‑29
Michael Edmond Price (Info) Brunel University Evolutionary Psychology kajekai 2007‑10‑31
Kenneth B.M. Reid (Info) Oxford complement system, surfactant, collectins cspecht 2014‑02‑16
Daniel John Roberts (Info) University of Liverpool Neuropsychology, language, reading, dyslexia, vision, perception, aphasia strebornad 2020‑06‑02
David Rose (Info) University of Surrey Visual system, consciousness, philosophy of science DaveRoseNeuro 2019‑08‑16
Noam Sagiv (Info) Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging, Brunel University Synaesthesia, Synesthesia, Consciousness, Face Perception kathleen 2005‑10‑30
Lynda Joan Shaw (Info) Brunel University Neuro Science, consciousness, emotion Lynda Shaw 2007‑04‑06
Monika Sobczak-Edmans (Info) Brunel University Synesthesia monixobczak 2009‑04‑04
Janine Veronique Spencer (Info) Brunel University Child development, visual development, autism janinespencer 2007‑04‑07
Stefan Strahl (Info) MED-EL auditory system, neural coding, cochlear implants, objective measures, signal processing, signal coding strahl 2011‑02‑02
André Szamateit (Info) Brunel University London AngelaDFriederici 2021‑12‑23
Robert J. Teszka (Info) Brunel University attention, awareness, magic rteszka 2012‑10‑14
Maria Uther (Info) Brunel University, Centre for Cognition and NeuroImaging auditory and speech perception, second language acquisition uther 2007‑04‑10
Adrian L. Williams (Info) Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging, Brunel University vision, sensory perception, fmri noamsagiv 2007‑04‑03
Barlow Wright (Info) Brunel University Developmental Psychology Dowker 2011‑12‑08
Michael J. Wright (Info) Brunel University London Visual System, psychophysics, fMRI, EEG michaelwright 2007‑04‑04
Taeko Wydell (Info) Brunel University London strebornad 2020‑06‑02
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