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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Tristan Andres Bekinschtein (Info) MRC-CBU cognition trisbek 2008‑06‑12
Jean Decety (Info) Chicago Imitation, Empathy, Agency kndiaye 2007‑12‑06
Arthur Glenberg (Info) UW Madison Memory, Embodied Cognition 2007‑11‑20
Agustin Ibanez (Info) BrainLat, GBHI, Trinity College - Dublin Brain Health, social cognitive affective neuroscience, dementia aibanez 2010‑08‑20
Facundo Francisco Manes (Info) Instituto de Neurologia cogntiva Cognition neurology trisbek 2008‑06‑13
Rene San Martin (Info) Duke neuroeconomics, social cognitive neuroscience, learning, cognitive control resanmartin 2010‑08‑19
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