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Richard J. Bodnar (Info) CUNY Opioid System damani 2006‑08‑25
Joan C. Borod (Info) CUNY-Queens College emotion, neuropsychology setakaz 2008‑07‑09
Carlos A. Bruner (Info) National Autonomous University of Mexico Behavior Analysis rescobar 2011‑06‑07
Nancy S. Foldi (Info) CUNY - Queens College lschaefe 2009‑02‑16
David Friedman (Info) cognitive neuroscience, psychophysiology, event-related potentials eroondrd 2008‑10‑05
Thomas E. Frumkes (Info) Syracuse Visual psychophysics cbarris 2008‑07‑04
Priscila Hachimine (Info) CUNY - Queens College VTA, NMDA AMPA receptor antagonists, dopamine, learning, motivation, memory, addiction Phmerli 2021‑11‑02
Gad Hakerem (Info) Queens College, City University of New York Experimental Psychopathology, Psychophysiology ssteinhauer 2009‑11‑04
Veronica Hinton (Info) CUNY - Queens College yastern 2021‑01‑17
Gay Holstein (Info) Mount Sinai School of Medicine Neuroanatomy eserrano 2008‑07‑02
Yoko Nomura (Info) CUNY - Queens College weizhang2 2018‑01‑08
Lynn A. Schaefer (Info) Nassau University Medical Center Clinical Neuropsychology, rehabilitation lschaefe 2009‑02‑16
William N. Schoenfeld (Info) Queens College kas0179 2007‑09‑03
Stuart R. Steinhauer (Info) VA Pittsburgh / University of Pittsburgh Brain mechanisms of schizophrenia gsiegle 2009‑11‑03
Yaakov Stern (Info) Columbia george.perry 2010‑09‑06
Thom Verhave (Info) Arizona State Behavior Analysis rescobar 2011‑06‑07
Wei Zhang (Info) CUNY (The Graduate Center) Psychophysiology, Aggression, Psychopathy, Neurodevelopment, Epigenetics, Fetal Programming weizhang2 2018‑01‑08
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