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Sally Byng (Info) Birkbeck MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29
Ruth Campbell (Info) UCL face processing,deafness,fMRI, spelling sslyruc 2014‑02‑03
Max Coltheart (Info) Macquarie University Reading aloud, speech production, cognitive modeling paul.dux 2006‑10‑25
Richard Cook (Info) City University London Social perception & imitation RC00k1 2011‑02‑26
Ron H. Douglas (Info) City University London visual system, retina, visual pigments, lens, deep-sea, fish RonDouglas 2016‑07‑18
Serge O. Dumoulin (Info) Utrecht, VU Amsterdam, Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging Perception, Cognition, Neuroscience, Vision, Neuroimaging kathleen 2006‑10‑17
Manfred Fahle (Info) University of Bremen Form vision kathleen 2005‑03‑29
Andrei Gorea (Info) CNRS & Université Paris Descartes Visual perception Gorea 2011‑08‑28
Corinna Haenschel (Info) NCooper 2012‑01‑17
Andreas Jarvstad (Info) City University London SKR 2018‑10‑19
Maciej Kosilo (Info) University of Aberdeen, UK, City University London EEG, Cognitive Neuroscience, Visual Perception, Working Memory koziola 2012‑07‑27
Fiona Kyle (Info) City University London sslyruc 2019‑08‑24
Keith A. May (Info) City University London lpyudhb 2007‑04‑13
Michael J. Morgan (Info) CUNY vision john.d.van.horn 2007‑08‑17
Simon Rushton (Info) Cardiff University tonyredmond 2017‑11‑22
Joshua A. Solomon (Info) City University, London Visual perception, modeling Gorea 2011‑10‑12
Alessandro Tomassini (Info) University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) Vision, decision making, dopamine, dementia atomassini 2015‑01‑27
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