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Alain Berthoz (Info) College de France rllinas 2007‑08‑06
Frank Bremmer (Info) Universität Marburg Vision, Multisensory, Self-Motion, Primates bartkrekelberg 2005‑09‑23
Heather C. Etchevers (Info) INSERM - France, Faculté de Médecine de La Timone, INSERM U910, Marseille, France, INSERM U781, Paris, France, INSERM U393, Paris, France, INSERM U563, Toulouse, France neural crest, congenital malformations, human embryo HeatherE 2020‑04‑30
Werner Graf (Info) Dept. Physiology & Biophysics Howard University College of Medicine movement execution and perception prevosto 2007‑11‑13
Matthieu Lafon (Info) Collège de France CNRS spatial memory, kinaesthesia, egocentric, allocentric, memory mlafon 2010‑05‑12
Nicole Marthe Le Douarin (Info) CNRS Embryology cab 2008‑02‑02
Alexandre Lehmann (Info) McGill Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience, Multisensory Integration, Cortical and subcortical EEG, Consciousness, Rhythm alehmann 2013‑11‑26
Manuel Vidal (Info) MPI for Biological Cybernetics Cognitive and Computational Psychophysics feiler 2007‑02‑01
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