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Serapio Michael Baca (Info) UCLA Systems Neuroscience smbaca 2005‑12‑04
Melissa D. Bauman (Info) UC Davis mtaffe 2007‑09‑18
Jonathan P. Britt (Info) NIDA Drug Abuse jonbritt 2010‑09‑22
Sixuan Chen (Info) Brown, New York University Spatial Navigation, Uncertainty, Perception sixuan830 2021‑08‑30
Roland C. Davis (Info) Indiana University 12357 2010‑01‑12
Lori L. Driscoll (Info) Colorado College Neurobehavioral toxicology ldriscoll 2007‑09‑21
Stacy L. Elmer (Info) University of Kansas Neurophilosophy vanilla13NYC 2007‑09‑21
Marcela Fernández-Vargas (Info) Colorado College neuroethology ecomafe 2018‑10‑07
Charles A. Hass (Info) Vision greghorwitz 2007‑08‑27
Werner G. Heim (Info) Colorado College Genetics 12357 2010‑01‑12
Kevin J. Holmes (Info) Colorado College, Reed College cognitive science, language and thought, concepts kjholmes 2013‑04‑28
John M. Horner (Info) Colorado College Learning mtaffe 2007‑09‑18
Rachel S Jabaily (Info) Colorado College Botany, phylogenetics, systematics, evolution rjabaily 2020‑09‑14
Bob G. Jacobs (Info) Colorado College Neuromorphology ktravis 2005‑11‑03
Jesse V. Jacobs (Info) University of Vermont Neural control of posture wuth neurological disease or musculoskeletal injury jjacobs 2007‑09‑21
Josh Kaplan (Info) OHSU thekapper3 2010‑08‑23
Hyowon Lee (Info) UCLA Neuroengineering, Electrophysiology, MEMS leehw 2007‑09‑21
Kara Marie Lindstrom (Info) NIH-Karolinska Institute Clinical Neuroscience avmaier 2006‑04‑06
Guido Meyer (Info) MPI for Experimental Medicine rex28 2010‑08‑04
Vivian Ota Wang (Info) NIH genomics, genetic counseling, neuropsychology, psychology 12357 2010‑01‑12
Ashton Winfield Powell (Info) North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics Developmental Neurobiology, Science Policy, Ethics, & Law PoAshton 2008‑01‑29
Sharon Bree Sann (Info) UCSD Development, Calcium signaling sbsann 2007‑09‑21
Donald W. Shearn (Info) Colorado College Physiological Psychology 12357 2010‑01‑12
Alec Graham Sheffield (Info) Colorado College, MIT, Yale Computational Neuroscience asheff794 2017‑06‑23
Michael A. Taffe (Info) Scripps Institute, UCSD Substance Abuse, Cognition, MDMA, synthetic cathinones, marijuana mtaffe 2007‑09‑18
Steven J. Taylor (Info) UIUC, Colorado College subterranean biology, conservation, ecology, taxonomy, amphipoda ceuthophilus 2019‑02‑03
Katherine E. (Katie) Travis (Info) UCSD, Stanford Medical School Language Development, Neuromorphology ktravis 2005‑11‑03
Mitch Turner (Info) Colorado College mtaffe 2019‑07‑26
Bruce G. Wallace (Info) CU Boulder Synapses david 2005‑09‑08
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