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D Michele Basso (Info) Ohio State Spinal Cord Injury, Motor Learning, Central Neuropathic Pain, Rehabilitation megangitis 2008‑03‑05
Natalie Hiromi Brito (Info) Columbia, NYU Infant memory, cognitive development, bilingualism natdoc3 2012‑01‑24
Janet H. Carr (Info) ag275 2010‑04‑30
Matteo Farinella (Info) Columbia Science Communication, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience mfarinella 2017‑07‑11
A. M. Gentile (Info) Teachers College, Columbia University motor learning ag275 2010‑04‑30
Gad Hakerem (Info) Queens College, City University of New York Experimental Psychopathology, Psychophysiology ssteinhauer 2009‑11‑04
Jean Held (Info) University of Vermont ag275 2010‑04‑30
Philip W. Jackson (Info) Chicago tylerz 2011‑09‑13
Irving Lorge (Info) Columbia tylerz 2011‑09‑13
Kimberly G. Noble (Info) Columbia socioeconomic disparities, developmental cognitive neuroscience, reading development, reading impairment mfarah 2009‑04‑07
Edward L. Thorndike (Info) hayden 2005‑01‑17
Barbara Tversky (Info) Columbia University Teachers College jzacks 2007‑11‑05
Joseph Zubin (Info) Columbia jrfinley 2009‑06‑15
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