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Brian Asoe (Info) Deakin University neuron-silicon interfacing, neurons culturing, microfluidic, hybrid robots basoe 2010‑10‑05
Lee B. Astheimer (Info) Deakin University ksoma 2014‑01‑08
Lisa M Barnett (Info) Deakin University, Deakin University motor development; public health; physical activity; RyanHulteen 2020‑09‑15
Denovan P. Begg (Info) University of Cincinnati dpb 2012‑01‑30
William A. Buttemer (Info) Deakin University ksoma 2014‑01‑08
Max Coltheart (Info) Macquarie University Reading aloud, speech production, cognitive modeling paul.dux 2006‑10‑25
Boris U. Crassini (Info) Deakin University, University of Queensland Vision, vision research, perception, development r_oshea 2007‑05‑24
Ondi L. Crino (Info) Deakin University kimlschmidt 2014‑01‑20
Inimfon Essiet (Info) Deakin University LBarnett 2020‑09‑17
Maria Forsyth (Info) Deakin University, Monash University NMR, polymer electrolytes, energy storage barryjakasunarso 2016‑01‑17
Marina Haywood (Info) Macquarie University MaxColtheart 2018‑04‑29
Alethea Jerebine (Info) Deakin University LBarnett 2020‑09‑17
Natalie Lander (Info) Deakin University LBarnett 2020‑09‑17
Jennifer Marks (Info) Deakin University LBarnett 2020‑09‑17
Emiliano Mazzoli (Info) Deakin University LBarnett 2020‑09‑17
Rebecca Patrick (Info) Deakin University LBarnett 2020‑09‑17
Andrew J. Sinclair (Info) RMIT algis 2008‑10‑13
Mark Andrew Stokes (Info) Deakin University Autism psymas 2012‑12‑09
Jaka Sunarso (Info) Curtin University of Technology batteries, electrocatalysts, fuel cells, membranes barryjakasunarso 2016‑01‑17
Algis Jonas Vingrys (Info) University of Melbourne Visual system, ocular diesease, eletroretinogram ametha 2006‑11‑06
Harrison S. Weisinger (Info) Deakin University The role of DHA in maintaining retinal integrity algis 2008‑10‑13
Richard Weisinger (Info) Howard Florey Institute algis 2008‑10‑13
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