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William E. Armstrong (Info) University of Tennessee neuroendocrine neurophysiology bretnsmith 2008‑04‑21
Alan Carleton (Info) University of Geneva "olfaction, gustation, neurogenesis" carleton 2007‑05‑08
Sven Collette (Info) Caltech cognitive Neuroscience, decision-making isaksson82 2008‑11‑03
Alexandre G. Dayer (Info) University of Geneva neurogenesis, development, psychiatric disorders jasonsnyder 2009‑08‑21
Jean-Jacques Dreifuss (Info) University of Geneva Neurophysiology,Neuroendocrinology warmstrong 2014‑10‑20
Hamdi Eryilmaz (Info) University of Geneva Neuroimaging, resting state, emotions eryilmaz 2009‑11‑02
Denis Jabaudon (Info) University of Geneva developmental neurobiology djabaudon 2006‑11‑29
Dirk Kerzel (Info) University of Geneva david_souto 2008‑05‑27
Arnaud L. Lalive (Info) Gladstone Institutes Basal ganglia, motor systems arnaudlalive 2013‑05‑10
Balazs Laurenczy (Info) Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich blaurenc 2013‑04‑20
Christian Lüscher (Info) University of Geneva cab 2006‑05‑05
Christoph Martin Michel (Info) University of Geneva guest 2010‑08‑18
Virginie Chloe Pointet (Info) Dept neurosciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland DanielSS 2021‑02‑02
Etienne B. Roesch (Info) University of Reading Attention, Emotion, Modeling eroesch 2007‑09‑25
Daniel Scott Schechter (Info) Lausanne U Prefrontal Cortex; Developmental Neuroscience if attachment and traumatic stress; psychophysiology of stress DanielSS 2021‑02‑02
Natale A. Stucchi (Info) University of Milano-Bicocca Perception, motor control nstucchi 2011‑06‑28
Roberto Vincis (Info) FSU Neuroscience RVincis 2014‑02‑03
Paolo Viviani (Info) Dept Psychology, University of Geneve, Switzerland Motor control, Action and perception despe 2008‑09‑25
Patrik O. Vuilleumier (Info) University of Geneva Vision, Emotion, Attention vuilleumier 2006‑02‑19
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