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Qing Cai (Info) NeuroSpin, INSERM-CEA, France visual word recognition, calculation, language lateralization, brain asymmetry, development qcai 2012‑09‑07
Xiaohua Cao (Info) ECNU bow 2018‑04‑30
Hong Ying Gao (Info) ECNU permlink01 2022‑02‑22
Yiran Gu (Info) NYU, Harvard Medical School Fear Memory biocaprice 2011‑02‑21
Clément Léna (Info) ENS Paris Cerebellum, In vivo electrophysiology igc 2014‑02‑07
Xikang Luo (Info) ECNU xl3264 2021‑12‑07
wang yue qian (Info) ECNU cognitive neuroscience yqwang 2012‑06‑07
Joe Tsien (Info) Medical College of Georgia Learning and Memory mrakins 2006‑04‑12
Bo Wang (Info) UCLA bow 2018‑04‑30
Jinbiao Yang (Info) MPI for Psycholinguistics Psycholinguistics, EEG, Computational model, language unitization ray306 2020‑08‑14
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