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Emanuela Argilli (Info) UCSF Addiction, Autism ManuA 2017‑03‑16
Antonello Bonci (Info) NIDA Substance abuse pemp 2005‑11‑08
Natalia Caporale (Info) UC Berkeley Synaptic Plasticity, Ongoing Activity, Visual Systems, Rats naticapo 2007‑10‑06
Sebastien Carnicella (Info) Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, UCSF Fear Conditioning, Addiction, Alcohol GBC 2009‑06‑30
Tara L. Crowder Skarpaas (Info) NeuroPace Inc Neurostimulation, Epilepsy, electrophysiology, neuroplasticity tskarpaas 2013‑10‑03
Howard L. Fields (Info) UCSF, UC Berkeley opioid regulation of motivated behaviors, synaptic and circuit mechanisms, pain, addiction cab 2005‑09‑06
Jerome Jeanblanc (Info) Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, UCSF Addiction, Alcohol, BDNF, Dopamine GBC 2009‑06‑30
Andrew Kayser (Info) UC Berkeley cab 2005‑12‑11
Ana Navarro Cebrián (Info) UCSF jlupiane 2012‑04‑24
Saleem M. Nicola (Info) Albert Einstein cab 2005‑12‑09
Jon T. Pierce-Shimomura (Info) UT Austin Neurogenetics jonps 2010‑08‑18
Dorit Ron (Info) UCSF alcohol addiction maaaarian 2007‑10‑21
Alcino J. Silva (Info) UCLA Learning & memory david 2005‑11‑22
Claire Thornton (Info) Imperial College Signalling, neurodegeneration cthorn 2008‑12‑02
Mark A. Ungless (Info) Imperial College mungless 2008‑11‑03
Ken Taro Wakabayashi (Info) NIDA Cocaine, Self Administration, Immunohistochemistry, Reinstatement, Amperometry ktwakaba 2009‑11‑05
Raymond L. White (Info) Gallo Research Center, UCSF Human Genetics, Cancer, Behavioral Disorders adlib 2008‑03‑22
Linda E. Wilbrecht (Info) UC Berkeley adolescent development of circuits involved in value based decision making, addiction woodside 2009‑09‑21
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