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Selene Cansino (Info) Faculty of Psychology haydee 2011‑12‑20
António Gomes Ferreira (Info) Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences - University of Coimbra RooneyPinto2019 2019‑04‑09
Haydée Gpe. García-Lázaro (Info) UNAM Cognitive Neuroscience haydee 2011‑12‑13
Elias Manjarrez (Info) Institute of Physiology, BUAP, Mexico Neurophysiology and Neurophysics jtapia 2012‑07‑22
Ignacio Mendez-Balbuena (Info) Faculty of Psychology, BUAP EliasManjarrez 2016‑04‑21
Rooney Figueiredo Pinto (Info) Centre of 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies - University of Coimbra Social Memory and Education RooneyPinto2019 2019‑04‑09
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