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William F. Broderick (Info) Flatiron Institute visual system, psychophysics, fMRI, metamer billbrod 2023‑06‑06
Dmitri "Mitya" Chklovskii (Info) Janelia Farm, Simons Foundation Theoretical Neuroscience, Connectomics mitya 2006‑10‑01
SueYeon Chung (Info) NYU Computation & Theory neurobot5 2021‑05‑17
Shiva Farashahi (Info) Flatiron Institute fgh_shiva 2018‑10‑05
Jenelle Feather (Info) Flatiron Institute Computation & Theory, Auditory Perception jfeather 2023‑05‑26
Natalie Sauerwald (Info) Flatiron Institute computational biology mathbcomp 2023‑03‑21
Eero P. Simoncelli (Info) NYU Computation & Theory david 2005‑01‑17
Jingpeng Wu (Info) Princeton, Flatiron Institute connectome jingpeng 2014‑12‑30
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