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Paul Baltes (Info) Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Berlin) lifespan development Norbou 2007‑06‑20
Peter Bieri (Info) University of Bielefeld, University of Marburg, Free University of Berlin Philosophy r_oshea 2019‑01‑21
André Fiala (Info) Universität Göttingen Learning and Memory tun56hy 2010‑02‑01
Max Garagnani (Info) Free University of Berlin, University of Plymouth, The Open University, MRC-CBU Computational neuroscience, cognitive neruoscience, language, neural networks, cerebral cortex, modelling, neurolinguistics 2016‑06‑14
Martin Giurfa (Info) Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse sensory systems of insects, neuroethology natahdi 2008‑06‑27
Thomas J. Jentsch (Info) FMP Berlin Buch Ion Channels vstein 2009‑03‑05
Bernhard Komischke (Info) Free University of Berlin mgiurfa 2015‑12‑20
Jutta Kray (Info) Saarland University pratikb 2019‑10‑14
Marit ML Lobben (Info) University of Oslo - Norway Neurolinguistics, nominal classifiers, peripersonal space, embodied cognition, neural representation of concepts maritlob 2017‑06‑15
Randolf Menzel (Info) Freie University Olfaction JLand52 2006‑04‑05
Ulli Müller (Info) FU Berlin violeta 2007‑10‑16
Silke Sachse (Info) Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology insect olfaction, sensory processing, neural circuits ssachse 2012‑09‑13
Marco Schubert (Info) Free University of Berlin mgiurfa 2015‑12‑20
Rosario Tomasello (Info) Free University of Berlin 2016‑06‑14
Markus Werning (Info) Free University of Berlin, Ruhr University Bochum, Heinrich-Heine University of Düsseldorf Philosophy of Language and Cognition r_oshea 2019‑01‑21
Michael Wiederholt (Info) Free University of Berlin sejordt 2020‑05‑06
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