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Jiayang Chen (Info) Washington University School of Medicine, Fudan Univeristy Neurological Disorder JiayangChen 2019‑08‑01
Xinran Feng (Info) Chicago Neurology; RNA biology fengxinran 2020‑02‑21
Yuyang Gu (Info) Fudan Univeristy upconversion nanoparticles, NIR imaging Yuyang 2019‑01‑13
Boxun Lu (Info) Penn ion channel peterleaf 2009‑11‑22
Yuhui Sunny Luo (Info) UCSD Social behavior Sunnyluo 2020‑01‑12
Xuejun Song (Info) Parker College Research Institute pain ewalters 2013‑04‑13
Lei Xue (Info) Fudan university synaptic transmission GeoSun 2015‑03‑01
Pan-tong Yao (Info) UCSD System Neuroscience PlatinumYao 2019‑04‑03
Zhiqi Zhao (Info) Fudan Univeristy, Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Science, China wugenhao 2019‑03‑07
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