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Gilles O. Einstein (Info) Furman University Prospective Memory TylerHarrison 2009‑07‑14
Yvette Graveline (Info) Cognitive-Neuroscience, Memory, Mental Imagery, Dreams, Mind-Wandering Yvette.Graveline 2016‑03‑03
Judith E. Grisel (Info) Furman University psychopharmacology, genetics of drug abuse stackman 2008‑07‑02
Tyler Leland Harrison (Info) University of North Georgia - Dahlonega Cognitive Psychology TylerHarrison 2009‑07‑14
Jane E. Hartung (Info) Furman University Neurodegeneration, molecular neurobiology janehartung 2011‑01‑17
Samuel William Hulbert (Info) Duke shulbert 2014‑01‑26
Hillary Grey Mullet (Info) Duke Memory TylerHarrison 2012‑01‑14
Christopher T. Smith (Info) Vanderbilt cab 2009‑06‑12
Tamara Spence (Info) Wake Forest School of Medicine Alcohol Neurobiology bmccool 2008‑11‑13
Victoria Turgeon (Info) Furman University Development, PAR-1 receptor janehartung 2011‑03‑08
Erin J. Wamsley (Info) CUNY, Harvard Medical School, Furman University Psychobiology, Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience pq 2016‑02‑21
Sidney B. Williams (Info) UAB neocortical synaptic physiology stackman 2008‑07‑02
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