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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Jordane Dimidschstein (Info) Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT Neuroscience Jordane 2017‑03‑05
Dominique Engel (Info) GIGA-N, Liege, Belgium hippocampus, subtantia nigra dominique 2011‑06‑09
Ivan Gladwyn-Ng (Info) Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute julianh 2018‑03‑27
Pierre Leprince (Info) University of Liège gph2 2012‑05‑03
Laurent Nguyen (Info) University of Liège Corticogenesis renvdb 2010‑03‑21
Arnaud Ruiz (Info) University of London synaptic transmission arnoruiz69 2008‑03‑26
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