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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Jill Bettinger (Info) VCU School of Medicine jonps 2010‑08‑18
Antonello Bonci (Info) NIDA Substance abuse pemp 2005‑11‑08
Jonathan P. Britt (Info) NIDA Drug Abuse jonbritt 2010‑09‑22
Lucinda Carnell (Info) Central Washington University jonps 2010‑08‑18
Andrew Davies (Info) VCU School of Medicine jonps 2010‑08‑18
Howard L. Fields (Info) UCSF, UC Berkeley opioid regulation of motivated behaviors, synaptic and circuit mechanisms, pain, addiction cab 2005‑09‑06
Hongkyun Kim (Info) Rosalind Franklin Medical School jonps 2010‑08‑18
Michael Krause (Info) Gallo Research Center, UCSF feeding, nucleus accumbens, neural circuits mkrause 2010‑04‑18
Steven L. McIntire (Info) Stanford Medical School jonps 2010‑08‑18
Jon T. Pierce-Shimomura (Info) UT Austin Neurogenetics jonps 2010‑08‑18
Lynne D. Tye (Info) Gladstone Institutes (UCSF) lynnetye 2012‑01‑09
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