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Moshe Bar (Info) Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School High Level Vision, Cognitive Neuroscience, Object Recognition, Contextual Processing, first impressions, preference formation and attitudes edvessel 2006‑10‑12
Natalia Y. Bilenko (Info) UC Berkeley Visual System nbilenko 2007‑06‑25
Xandra Owens Breakefield (Info) Harvard Medical School/ MGH Neurogenetics, Gene Therapy davidpcorey 2007‑06‑05
David P. Corey (Info) Harvard Medical School Ion channels, hair cells hanks 2005‑10‑13
Emad Eskandar (Info) Harvard Medical School hayden 2005‑02‑18
Maurizio Fava (Info) MGH Depression Clinical and Research Program Psychiatry jasmine 2008‑04‑08
John T. Gale (Info) Cleveland Clinic basal ganglia, electrophysiology galej 2010‑07‑29
Jeffrey R. Holt (Info) Harvard sensory hair cells jeffholt 2008‑07‑21
Geoffrey A. Kerchner (Info) UCSF, Stanford Neurology and Neurological Sciences kerchneg 2007‑08‑28
Neil W. Kowall (Info) Boston University human neuroanatomy, immunocytochemistry and enzyme histochemistry of the brain, neuropathological basis of neurological disorders, animal models of neurological diseases, geriatric neurology, and cognitive decline in the elderly. george.perry 2010‑07‑04
Joseph B. Martin (Info) MGH/Harvard Neuroscience nkowall 2011‑12‑13
Roger Tootell (Info) Harvard Medical School Visual cortex david 2005‑01‑22
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