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Marilyn Boltz (Info) Haverford College Music cognition marksch 2011‑09‑13
Michael P. Cancro (Info) University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Immunology, B cell development. B cell homeostasis, B cell activation, Immune tolerance, autoimmunity, mcancro 2017‑03‑29
Joshua Carp (Info) University of Michigan vision, attention, executive control jmcarp 2009‑08‑08
Rebecca Compton (Info) Haverford College mbanich 2007‑12‑29
Roshan A. Jain (Info) Haverford College rjain24 2009‑02‑26
Jake C. Kurczek (Info) University of Iowa, Rotman Research Institite, Baycrest, York University, Haverford College, Loras College Memory, Communication, Language kurczek 2010‑06‑23
Jesse Pazdera (Info) Haverford College, Penn, McMaster University Music Cognition, Memory, Language jpazdera 2016‑06‑04
Jennifer A. Punt (Info) Haverford College mcancro 2017‑03‑29
Lorna C. Quandt (Info) Penn, Gallaudet University EEG, fMRI, action perception, social cognition lquandt 2008‑09‑14
Mark Schmuckler (Info) University of Toronto Scarborough Infant development, music perception DonutOfTonality 2009‑10‑07
Wendy Sternberg (Info) Haverford College davkchow 2006‑08‑25
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