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Eike Budinger (Info) Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg, Humboldt University Berlin neuroanatomy, auditory system, multisensory integration, MRI budinger 2013‑01‑26
Olaf Dimigen (Info) Humboldt University Berlin visual cognition, attention, electrophysiology odimi 2018‑02‑06
Annette Erb (Info) Humboldt University Berlin r_oshea 2021‑03‑24
Hanspeter Herzel (Info) Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin abhibiotechnologist 2020‑06‑05
Curren Katz (Info) HU Berlin functional imaging, connectivity, cerebellum, numerical cognition, panic, suicide, depression, face viewing, attachment usr123456 2015‑10‑31
Friedhart Klix (Info) HU Berlin Cognitive Psychology lmorett 2009‑11‑23
Andre Knops (Info) CiMEC, HU Berlin, Universite de Paris, University Hospital RWTH Aachen Numerical Cognition knops 2009‑05‑13
Rüdiger Krahe (Info) McGill electric fish spoono 2008‑01‑27
Benjamin Lindner (Info) Humboldt University Berlin schwalger 2016‑09‑13
Olivier J. Manzoni (Info) INMED/INSERM U901 andrewfscheyer 2016‑04‑08
Daniela Neuhofer (Info) HU Berlin Auditory system, insects spoono 2008‑11‑27
Philipp Norton (Info) Humboldt University Berlin phnorton 2019‑09‑25
Livio Oboti (Info) Children's National Health System olfaction tleinders 2012‑03‑01
Lutz Schimansky-Geier (Info) Humboldt University Berlin schwalger 2018‑07‑01
Tilo Schwalger (Info) EPFL, Brain Mind Institute stochastic processes, mean-field methods, spike train statistics, spike-frequency adaptation schwalger 2016‑09‑13
Jiyun Shin (Info) Humboldt University Berlin dendrites, learning and memory, sleep, memory consolidation jiyun.shin318 2019‑04‑10
Werner Sommer (Info) Humboldt University Berlin odimi 2018‑02‑06
Erdmute Sommerfeld (Info) Leipzig University Theoretical psychology, Mathematical psychology, Cognitive psychology, Human information processing r_oshea 2021‑04‑16
Lothar Sprung (Info) Humboldt University Berlin History of psychology, Methodology, Diagnostics, Experimental psychology, Information processing, Perception, Learning, Cognition, Memory r_oshea 2021‑03‑24
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