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Collins G. Assisi (Info) IISER Pune Computational Neuroscience, Olfaction, Hippocampus cassisi 2015‑07‑03
Rajan Dasgupta (Info) University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Johns Hopkins mbeierlein 2016‑12‑27
Aurnab Ghose (Info) IISER Pune Development and organisation of neural circuits aurnab 2008‑05‑09
Shikha Kalra (Info) IISER Pune DivyaRao 2016‑09‑16
Saptarshi S Mohanta (Info) IISER Pune Invertebrate Olfaction sappysm 2019‑08‑13
Subhadra Satish Mokashe (Info) IISER Pune Stochastic modelling of ion channels SubhadraMokashe 2015‑07‑07
Vidyadhari Mudigonda (Info) IISER Pune Synaptic Plasticity vidya8m 2015‑07‑22
Suhita Nadkarni (Info) IISER Pune Computational Neuroscience, Synapses cassisi 2015‑07‑03
Raghav Rajan (Info) UCSF Rodent Olfaction, Song birds rn 2006‑10‑19
Divya Rao (Info) IISER Pune DivyaRao 2016‑09‑16
Abhishek Sahasrabudhe (Info) IISER Pune, Columbia aurnab 2016‑01‑26
Nishant Singh (Info) IISER Pune Short Term Plasticity nishant 2015‑08‑22
Madhuresh Sumit (Info) University of Michigan Microfluidics, Mathematical modeling, Biological Oscillations, GPCRs msumit 2016‑01‑25
Harini Suri (Info) IISER Pune DivyaRao 2016‑09‑16
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