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Olivier Bertrand (Info) INSERM, Lyon sarang 2007‑07‑03
Sarang S. Dalal (Info) Aarhus University, University of Konstanz sarang 2005‑06‑29
Karim Jerbi (Info) INSERM U821 LYON - France Cortical Oscillations, Magnetoencephalography (MEG), intracranial recordings, SEEG, ECoG, visuomotor system, motor cortex, cortico-cortical interactions, large-scale networks, long-range coupling, Brain-Computer Interfaces KarimJ 2008‑10‑17
Jean-Philippe Lachaux (Info) INSERM, Lyon Neuroscience brovelli 2006‑05‑17
Richard M. Leahy (Info) USC MEG, EEG, PET, Optical Imaging, image Analysis sbaillet 2009‑06‑03
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