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Thomas C Bienvenu (Info) INSERM U862, Bordeaux, France ThomasBienvenu 2018‑12‑22
Jean-Marie Cabelguen (Info) INSERM Motor control dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑04
Patsy Dickinson (Info) Bowdoin College Invertebrate neural systems CJM3 2012‑09‑18
Eric Dobremez (Info) dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑11
Tiphaine Dolique (Info) INSERM U862 dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑05
Einar Ö. Einarsson (Info) INSERM U862 Learning and memory, systems neuroscience 1einar 2012‑04‑22
Pascal Fossat (Info) INSERM U862 dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑10
cyril herry (Info) INSERM U862, Bordeaux, France behavioral neurophysiology cyrilh 2008‑10‑31
Jean-Marc Israel (Info) INSERM U862 dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑05
Sophie Laffray (Info) Université Laval, Québec dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑05
Marc Landry (Info) University of Bordeaux/CNRS Pain, neuropeptides, spinal cord, comorbidity dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑05
Frederic Nagy (Info) INSERM U862 spinal cord Derjean 2009‑11‑05
Stéphane H. Oliet (Info) INSERM, Bordeaux Neuroglial Interactions cab 2007‑05‑26
Marie-Amélie Papon (Info) INSERM U862 dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑05
Dimitri Ryczko (Info) Université de Montréal Motor control dimitriryczko 2009‑11‑03
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