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Ekaterina Abramova (Info) Imperial College Optimal Control and Reinforcement Learning katya007 2012‑03‑26
Tony Ashton (Info) Imperial College ion channels, toxins rory 2009‑01‑12
Christian Beckmann (Info) Imperial College mojtaba 2009‑03‑19
Norman G. Bowery (Info) GlaxoSmithKline, Verona, Italy GABA receptors rory 2009‑01‑08
Harold F. Bradford (Info) Imperial College of London Neurochemistry, synaptic transmission rnbrd 2014‑03‑19
Philip Bream (Info) Imperial College simonschultz 2007‑10‑22
Nicola Bright (Info) Clinical Sciences Centre, London Signalling cthorn 2011‑05‑04
Matthew T C Brown (Info) Imperial College dopamine system, working memory mtcbrown 2010‑08‑19
Stephen J. Bunn (Info) University of Otago, NZ Cellular and molecular neuroendocrinology rory 2009‑01‑08
etienne burdet (Info) Imperial College motor learning, neuroengineering eburdet 2008‑07‑03
Simon Butt (Info) Imperial College cortical interneurons development physiology Fishell 2009‑05‑18
David Carling (Info) Clinical Sciences Centre Metabolic signalling cthorn 2011‑05‑04
Paul Chadderton (Info) Imperial College London papageno 2006‑06‑21
Andrez J. Cholewinski (Info) Imperial College astrocytes rory 2009‑01‑08
Claudia Clopath (Info) Imperial College London rjolivet 2007‑07‑10
James Cohen (Info) King's College London, Guy's Campus regeneration, development rory 2009‑01‑08
Anthony George Constantinides (Info) Imperial College London Digital signal processing, Engineering fishress 2018‑10‑21
Caroline S. Copeland (Info) St George's Hospital Medical School, University of London, Imperial College, UCL Thalamocortical Circuits carolinecopeland 2013‑09‑13
Martin J. Croucher (Info) Imperial College Neuropharmacology rory 2009‑01‑12
Vincenzo De Paola (Info) Imperial College Neuroplasticity Vidipi 2008‑01‑04
Isabel Delgado-Ruz (Info) Imperial College Computational Neuroscience simonschultz 2009‑08‑25
David T. Dexter (Info) Imperial College Neurodegeneration, iron metabolism, neuroinflammation Gonzalez84 2012‑06‑26
Mustafa B. Djamgoz (Info) Imperial College retina, electrophysiology rory 2009‑01‑08
Oliver J. Dolly (Info) International Centre for Neurotherapeutics, Dublin City University ion channels, toxins, glia rory 2009‑01‑12
James E. Downing (Info) Liverpool John Moores University retina, electrophysiology rory 2009‑01‑13
Victor Dubowitz (Info) Imperial College Paediatric Neurology jandh 2015‑01‑31
Peter H. Ellaway (Info) Imperial College motor control, balance, spinal cord injury valeriyag 2008‑09‑13
Patrick G. Foran (Info) Imperial College ion channels, toxins rory 2009‑01‑12
Nick P. Franks (Info) Imperial College Biophysics, Anesthesia Mechanisms, Structural Biology gabaman 2008‑07‑29
Sean Froudist-Walsh (Info) NYU Computational Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain Injury, Neurotransmitters seanfw 2014‑02‑27
Giorgio F. Gilestro (Info) Imperial College Sleep, Drosophila, Axon Guidance gilestro 2008‑06‑28
Daniel Gonzalez Carter (Info) Imperial College Neuroinflammation, glutamatergic signalling Gonzalez84 2012‑06‑26
John H. Gruzelier (Info) University of London tegner 2010‑08‑11
willy Gsell (Info) Imperial College Jahyann 2011‑02‑10
Gerald S. Guralnik (Info) Brown Theoretical Particle Physics cpehlevan 2013‑04‑16
Corinna Haenschel (Info) NCooper 2012‑01‑17
Ben Hardcastle (Info) UCLA hardcastle 2018‑04‑23
Ian F. Harrison (Info) Imperial College Parkinson's Disease ih709 2012‑06‑26
Brian S. Hartley (Info) Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK marywaye 2010‑12‑23
David Hartley (Info) Imperial College SAT 2010‑04‑23
Warren D. Hirst (Info) Imperial College astrocytes rory 2009‑01‑08
Alistair M. Hosie (Info) Imperial College shannan 2010‑04‑26
Catriona M. Houston (Info) Imperial College shannan 2010‑04‑26
Oliver Howes (Info) Imperial College Schizophrenia carolinecopeland 2013‑09‑13
Anthony Hsiao (Info) Imperial College FPGA, synapse models dylanmuir 2009‑03‑18
Stephen R. Johnstone (Info) Imperial College astrocytes rory 2009‑01‑08
Daniel A. KIRSCHNER (Info) Boston College membrane structure; x-ray diffraction; neutron diffraction; myelin; amyloid kirschnd 2015‑11‑20
Richard I. Kitney (Info) Imperial College Biomedical Signal and Image Processing Kianoush_77 2009‑05‑18
Paul J Knytl (Info) University of Surrey attentional regulation; cognitive enhancement pk403 2018‑05‑16
Holger Krapp (Info) Cambridge Visual system JLand52 2005‑01‑26
Robert Leech (Info) Imperial College dmareschal 2009‑04‑30
Kang Li (Info) Imperial College barryjakasunarso 2016‑04‑28
Bill R. Lieb (Info) Imperial College Biophysics gabaman 2008‑07‑31
Stafford Lightman (Info) University of Bristol HPA axis, stress-related behaviour rory 2009‑01‑12
Shaomin Liu (Info) Curtin University of Technology barryjakasunarso 2016‑01‑17
Kit D. Longden (Info) HHMI Janelia Research Campus JLand52 2006‑03‑11
Derek R. Marriott (Info) Imperial College astrocytes rory 2009‑01‑08
Fernando Montani (Info) IIT Computational Neuroscience simonschultz 2006‑06‑30
John Moorhouse (Info) Imperial College Kianoush_77 2009‑05‑18
Alexander Morris (Info) Imperial College Auditory system am4308 2014‑10‑28
Istvan Nagy (Info) Imperial College pain arfidalgo 2009‑04‑28
Ali Neishabouri (Info) Imperial College Myelinated axons neishabouri 2011‑02‑17
Elena Phoka (Info) Imperial College simonschultz 2007‑10‑22
Richard Reynolds (Info) Imperial College Oligodendrocytes, MS rory 2009‑01‑07
Andrew S. Rice (Info) Imperial College JSWalczak 2012‑03‑21
Aman B. Saleem (Info) UCL, Imperial College London Neurophysiology, Vision, HIppocampus simonschultz 2006‑06‑30
Thomas E. Salt (Info) UCL Ophthalmology, Thalamus carolinecopeland 2013‑09‑13
B. McA Sayers (Info) Imperial College Engineering in Medicine, Hearing Amy 2008‑12‑09
Simon R. Schultz (Info) Imperial College theoretical neuroscience, biophysics movshon 2005‑09‑19
Vahid Shahrezaei (Info) Imperial College Stochastic processes, Genetic networks kdelaney 2010‑07‑12
Adam Sillito (Info) UCL visual system, vision smconde 2007‑04‑19
John-Paul Silva (Info) Imperial College Presynaptic receptors ushkaryov 2012‑07‑24
Friedrich T. Sommer (Info) UC Berkeley Memory, Sensory systems fts 2008‑03‑06
Gary J. Stephens (Info) Imperial College astrocytes, electrophysiology, calcium channels rory 2009‑01‑08
Claire Thornton (Info) Imperial College Signalling, neurodegeneration cthorn 2008‑12‑02
Marie Tolkiehn (Info) Imperial College visual system, sensory processing LMFT 2014‑10‑27
Arnaud J Tournier (Info) Imperial College Machine Learning ajt17 2022‑02‑07
Mark A. Ungless (Info) Imperial College mungless 2008‑11‑03
Ines R. Violante (Info) IBILI - FMUC, Imperial College London Inhibition, learning disorders iviolante 2013‑02‑14
Hugo Weissbart (Info) Imperial College London, Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging Language processing, EEG HugoW 2015‑02‑20
Graham P. Wilkin (Info) Imperial College Glia, astrocytes, differentiation rory 2009‑01‑07
Claire J. Williams (Info) Imperial College Parkinson's Disease, mGluR receptors CJW211 2012‑06‑26
William Wisden (Info) Imperial College Hypothalamus, sleep wwisden 2012‑06‑20
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