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Jérémie Barral (Info) Institut Curie, Paris, NYU, Institut Pasteur Hearing, Complex Systems, Biophysics, Neuroscience jeremiebarral 2011‑04‑09
Atitheb Chaiyasitdhi (Info) Institut Curie, Paris, France Hearing chaiyasitdhi 2022‑07‑12
Marco Giovannini (Info) UCLA School of Medicine Neurofibromatosis type 2, Schwannomatosis, Meningiomatosis, Rhabdoid Tumors Jvitte 2017‑08‑27
Carsten Janke (Info) Institut Curie Microtubule cytoskeleton, tubulin posttranslational modifications, polyglutamylation Carstenjanke 2015‑03‑21
Pascal Martin (Info) Institut Curie, Paris, France Hearing jeremiebarral 2011‑04‑09
Gilles Thomas (Info) Institut Curie, Paris, France Cancer genetics jeanl 2017‑08‑29
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