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Gerald Curzon (Info) Institute of Neurology, London Serotonin, dopamine, behavior snyoung 2011‑06‑01
Keith BJ Franklin (Info) McGill reward, motivation, drug dependence, memory kbjf 2009‑03‑13
Jac Lewis Herberg (Info) Institute of Neurology, London behavioural neuroscience DaiStephens 2009‑02‑20
John Gordon Ralph Jefferys (Info) Oxford Neuronal networks, electrophysiology, epilepsy, prions, oscillations michelle82 2010‑02‑25
Tom A. Sears (Info) Institute of Neurology JGRJ 2010‑07‑21
Dai Stephens (Info) University of Sussex behavioral neuroscience, alcohol and drug abuse DaiStephens 2009‑02‑20
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