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Gerald Echterhoff (Info) Jacobs University Bremen memory, communication, social cognition sourceminitor 2009‑02‑07
Claus C. Hilgetag (Info) Jacobs University Bremen, Boston University Brain Connectivity, Computational Neuroanatomy, Systems Neuroscience, Neuromodulation avalero 2007‑11‑15
Yu Jin (Info) Jacobs University Bremen Behavioral Neuroscience cch 2008‑07‑18
Marcus Kaiser (Info) Newcastle University, Nottingham Complex network analysis, computational neuroscience, connectomics, computational psychiatry, computational neurology cch 2007‑11‑20
René Kopietz (Info) Jacobs University Bremen memory, social cognition sourceminitor 2009‑02‑07
Eva Gabriele Krumhuber (Info) Jacobs University Bremen emotion, facial expression sapek 2010‑11‑17
Stoyan Kurtev (Info) Leicester University Brain imaging cch 2007‑11‑20
Alan Law (Info) alanlaw 2020‑09‑28
Ursula M. Staudinger (Info) Max Planck Institut für Bildungsforschung, Clark University, Erlangen University, TU Dresden, Jacobs University Bremen, Columbia potential of lifelong development (resilience and plasticity); the development of life insight, conduct of life, wisdom across the lifespan as well as inter-generational relationships marsiske 2018‑08‑13
Ricardo M. Tamayo (Info) HU Berlin, Jacobs University Bremen, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Cognition, awareness, emotions, dongolem 2008‑07‑18
Antoni Valero-Cabre (Info) BU School of Medicine Neural Plasticity, Brain Injury, Neuromdulation avalero 2007‑11‑15
Malcolm P. Young (Info) Newcastle University Visual cortex david 2005‑02‑21
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