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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Wendy J. Adams (Info) University of Southampton Human Vision, Touch lpyudhb 2007‑11‑18
Lee G Cooper (Info) UCLA Psychometric, data science, action research leegcooper1970 2021‑04‑08
Edward M. De Robertis (Info) UCLA testtest 2009‑04‑23
Akihiro Inoue (Info) Keio University (Japan) leegcooper1970 2021‑04‑08
Yutaka Kosaki (Info) Keio University Associative learning, behavioural neuroscience y.kosaki 2016‑06‑16
Hiroki Kuroda (Info) Keio University (Japan) ilblitz 2018‑05‑14
Shuichiro Taya (Info) Keio University (Japan) wendyjo 2019‑12‑19
Shigeru Watanabe (Info) Keio University "Comparative Psychology", "Neuroscience", "Behavioral Pharmacology" ktoda 2011‑05‑23
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