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Giulio Bernardi (Info) University of Pisa, UW Madison, Lausanne University Hospital, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca Neuroscience gibe 2016‑04‑06
Hugo Fluhr (Info) University of Zurich (UZH) cognitive neuroscience, learning, habits, Neuroeconomics hfluhr 2023‑09‑06
Jennifer Glaus (Info) Lausanne University Hospital Psychiatric Epidemiology Jglaus 2021‑11‑05
Patric Hagmann (Info) Lausanne University Hospital hfluhr 2023‑09‑06
Dominik A. Moser (Info) Lausanne University Hospital MRI, Parental Brain, Psychiatric Disorders, Experimental and Cognitive-Affective Psychology DanielSS 2021‑02‑02
Daniel Scott Schechter (Info) Lausanne U Prefrontal Cortex; Developmental Neuroscience if attachment and traumatic stress; psychophysiology of stress DanielSS 2021‑02‑02
Francesca Siclari (Info) Lausanne University Hospital gibe 2020‑04‑08
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