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Anders Björklund (Info) Lund University Neuroscience, transplantation, monoamines sd19 2006‑10‑23
Angela Cenci (Info) Basal Ganglia Pathophysiology Unit, Experimental Medical Science, Lund University Parkinson's disease, L-DOPA induced dyskinesia raindog 2008‑12‑07
Jonas Eberhard (Info) Institute of Psychiatry, KCL Psychosis Jonas12 2010‑07‑31
Shane Grealish (Info) Lund University, Sweden Brain repair, neuroscience Sgreal 2016‑01‑21
Xavier Grosmaitre (Info) CNRS, Dijon, France olfaction minghong 2008‑07‑28
Bill S. Hansson (Info) Lund University tifei 2007‑10‑20
Marie Jönsson (Info) Lund University, Sweden MarieJonsson 2016‑01‑23
Sten Levander (Info) Malmö University Forensic psychiatry, Longitudinal studies of Psychoses Jonas12 2010‑07‑31
Isak Prohovnik (Info) NY State Psychiatric Institute dgitelman 2017‑06‑18
Jarl Risberg (Info) Lund University, Sweden dgitelman 2018‑06‑23
Adriana Schatton (Info) Lund University, Sweden Neurobiology Adriana_Schatton 2019‑09‑13
Stephen Thesleff (Info) Lund University ryoder 2007‑05‑24
Hui Xiang (Info) Life Science School, Sun Yat-sen University Epilepsy Research, Depression Research tifei 2007‑10‑20
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